Monday, December 10, 2018

Styrofoam - We Can Never Go Home [Sound In Silence 056]

Styrofoam is back! After eight years of silence the Antwerp / Belgium-based producer Arne Van Petegem unearths his beloved artistic moniker again to return with a new hand-numbered, limited album on the Greek label Sound In Silence. For the first time, after building a fanbase with early releases on Morr Music and other imprints in the early 2000s, we see Styrofoam present a full-on instrumental approach to his music, opening with "Fully Present" which is built from intricate, complex and polyrhythmic synth layers atop a slightly glitched out Electronica foundation before "It Isn't Real So It Doesn't Count" brings forth 186 seconds of shimmering, panoramic Synthtronica. With "The Crook Of Your Elbow" Styrofoam fully drifts off into warm, playful sonic realms, "Did Your Mouth Buy You This Scar?" opens with cascading, carefully layered melodies and warm, all embracing large scale bass waves whilst the follow up named "Love Restores Almost Everything" brings back a hint of Slow Phonk to highly advanced dancefloors. Furthermore the title track "We Can Never Go Home" follows on a path of raw, yet tender bass notes accompanied by climaxing, complex melodic arrangements for Electronica lovers able to handle dark, hard-hitting and splintered beats, "This Terrible And Beautiful World" is a crystalline, highly detailed uptempo affair which will be loved by the Post-Dubstep / Post UK Garage scene for a reason and the concluding "Blind Spot Safety Procedure" weighs in nearly nine minutes of frolicking, multilayered Ambient cascades, sweetest bass chords and a good portion of dope beats for an epic finish. Styrofoam fans surely will be deep into this.

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