Saturday, December 08, 2018

Erik Grisworld - Yokohama Flowers [Room40 Promo]

Freshly released via Australian label Room40 on November 23rd, 2k18 is Erik Grisworld's latest album "Yokohama Flowers", a longplay piece influenced by his collaborations with experimental film maker Louise Curham over the past years. Catering a menu of fifteen tracks within a total runtime of 47 minutes with each of them rarely exceeding the four minutes mark we see Erik Grisworld diving deep into the realm of unprocessed composition on his favorite instrument which is the prepared piano. Employing a distinct technique of repetition and variation whilst seeing beauty in simplicity over the course of this release the listener is drawn into a world of crystalline beauty and untouched purity within a few minutes only, focusing on nothing but the playfully intertwined melodies, finding calm and joy in these undisturbed solo exercises and etudes which will defo be appreciated way beyond the circles of Ambient and (Neo)Classical composition for a reason. Sweet.   


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