Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Geneva Skeen - A Parallel Array Of Horses [Room40 Promo]

Another new one put on the circuit by the ever busy Australian imprint Room40 is "A Parallel Array Of Horses", the latest album piece by Los Angeles-based Geneva Skeen who's dealing with the theme of a collapsing, decaying society on her new longplay outing. The five track journey starts with "The Sonorous House", a tune comprised of several layers of partly reprocessed Field Recordings and warm atmospheric droning of varying intensity whilst "Los Angeles Without Palm Trees" surely seems to be a quiet, undisturbed, yet somewhat desolate and isolationist place disturbed by prevalent subfrequent shifts and mechanical repetitions somehow related to the now vanished genre of Clicks'n'Cuts, evoking memories of former Muslimgauze-releases on the former Audio.NL imprint paired up with beautifully dramatic Ambient arrangements over the further course of the track. Furthermore the title piece "A Parallel Array Of Horses" brings forth a fragile, ethereal take on Ambient influenced by echoes of (Neo)Classical composition and longing, melancholia-infused score works, "Frain, Refrain" presents a variation of outerworldly, warped choir performances with obvious parallels to Ayshay's 2011-released novelty smash "Warn-U" vibewise before the final composition "Flutter In Place" fully drifts away into fluffy clouds and calm Ambient territories. Defo recommended for all ChillOut heads out there.


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