Friday, December 07, 2018

Maze & Lindholm - Where The Wolf Has Been Seen [Aurora Borealis]

Put on the circuit via the Aurora Borealis-imprint on October 26th, 2k18 is "Where The Wolf Has Been Seen", a collaborational album effort by created by Otto Lindholm and P. Maze which are working their ways through four compositional parts created for electronics and double bass on this one. With "Part I" the duo explores a deep, ruminant Ambient realm based on constant, low-frequency droning, fuzzing crackles and naturalistic string arrangements whereas "Part II" is on a more intense, threatening, yet also desolate and longing tip, depicting the isolationist feel of living in a lost enclave of a post-apocalyptic civilization sitting somewhere in the desert, surrounded by nothing but nuclear waste and ever rolling tumbleweed. Furthermore we see "Part III" presenting a quite uneasy sci-fi vibe with warped low frequency modulations, noisy interferences and cold, spooky atmospheres as a foundation for eerie strings before the final part, "Part IV", relies on a noisy, ever moving maelstrom of electronic and radio static progressing into intense Drone accompanied by highly melancholic low frequency string works bordering on Contemporary Classical / (Neo)Classical and elaborate score works musically, exemplifiying ultimate sadness and despair for now and ever. Thrilling!

Album artwork on Instagram!


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