Friday, January 25, 2019

Belp - Crocodile [Jahmoni Music / SVS Records Promo]

Put on the the circuit as a collaborational effort between Munich-based labels Jahmoni Music and SVS Records on January 25th, 2k19 is "Crocodile", the new album effort created by Jahmoni head honcho Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer a.k.a. Belp. And although the album-definition is up for debate with a ten tracks release covering a very limited runtime of roughly 27 minutes only, meaning that quite a few tunes are falling short of meeting the three (... or even two) minutes mark we see Schnitzenbaumer provide a logical continuation of what he's done with his 2018-released "Hippopotamus", in terms of eclecticism that is. Opening with the short, brooding Dark Ambient- / Drone-piece "Lurk" Belp drifts off, seemingly erratically, into fully developed tracks as well as raw miniatures exploring realms of clunky antigrooves drowned in beautiful Ambient layers, glitched out Electronica modulations with a jazzy twist, African-influenced Future Tribal abstractions, twisted TripHop / Downbeat, full on panoramic Ambient compositionally harking back to the likes of Satie or Francis Lai, stripped down Post Dubstep and more but despite this vast diversity still manages to deliver a coherent listening experience and well-rounded atmosphere which is something not many producers would get out of an eclectic approach like this. Proper.


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