Monday, January 07, 2019

Umber - This Earth To Another [Sound In Silence 059]

Also released via the Greek Sound In Silence-imprint on December 11th, 2k18 is "This Earth To Another", the first album ever created for the label by Leicestershire-based composer Alex Steward who employs his musical moniker Umber for this release. Following up to his solo debut of 2013 we see Umber create an eight track spanning longplay journey opened by "Altered Fragments", a blueprint of tenderly floating Ambient pads and all embracing harmonies followed by the albums title track which adds beautiful, intimate guitar works and a slow, clunky background rhythm signature to the mix. With "Harvest" we see Umber progress into tender, heavenly atmospheres and more super laid back guitar clouds, "It Just Fills The Hollow Spaces" brings on 140 seconds of crystalline, floating beauty and "Multnomah" brings forth an innocent, folksy, yet slightly off-kilter vibe in its dreamy guitar based harmonies. Furthermore "Harvest (Slow)" is a 12 minute meditation on carefully arranged harmonic shifts and more tender guitars with a PopAmbient twist whereas the following "Grape And Grain" is focusing on a spiralling, shifting, yet ever repeating main motif and warm Indietronica vibes before "Low Tide" provides a sweet closing for connaisseurs of harmonic perfection in conjunction with distinct, scraping rhythm elements, warm bass pulses and - once again - Umber's trademark guitar works. The definition of ChillOut.

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