Sunday, January 06, 2019

The Gentleman Losers - Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter [Sound In Silence 058]

Released via the Greek Ambient staple Sound In Silence on December 11th, 2k18 is "Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter" by the Finnish pair of brothers Samu and Ville Kuukka under their artistic alias of The Gentleman Losers. With previous releases on labels like City Centre Offices under their belt the duo opens their eight track journey with "Shelter From The Rain", a twangy take on chill, inward looking guitar improvisations accompanied by grainy Ambient textures followed by the title track "Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter" which provides a solemn, autumnal approach to the genre accompanied by beautiful, melancholia inducing piano chords. "The Book Of Leaves" takes us to more dramatic levels, with a background atmosphere adumbrating a forthcoming storm whereas the steel guitar provides more of a kitsch-driven vibe for PopAmbient fans, "Always Crashing On The Same Wave" brings on clumsy beat structures built out of possibly field recorded sounds paired with a deep Post-PostRock atttitude and "Fish Roam In The Winter Water" goes down a full on naturalistic, partly even folksy route - possibly inspired by the untouched rural nature of the brothers' homeland and graced by beautiful Spoken Word poetry provided by Oliver Whitehead. Furthermore "Turning To Gold" pairs touching piano tones with raw, vintage synth harmonies and an overall feel of total peace, "Kingdom Of The Wind" tampers with glitches, heavy echoes and slightly out of tune steel guitars before turning into a full on blueprint of panoramic Ambient and the last cut that is "Bend Low, Sweet Branch, Bend Low" even brings on more beautiful, late night piano romanticisms for a sweet closing and defo provides a clue why a producer like Nils Frahm chose one earlier The Gentleman Losers track for his 'Late Night Tales' compilation in the past.


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