Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Various Artists - This Is Frafra Power! [Makkum Records 024]

Scheduled for release on February 22nd, 2k19 via the Dutch imprint Makkum Records as their cat.no. 024 is "This Is Frafra Power!", the latest selection of African, specifically Ghanaian music from the countries Bongo-region to be released via the label. Inspired by a vast selection of recorded music handed to Makkum Records head honcho Arnold De Boer by King Ayisoba-drummer Francis Ayamga the compilation reflects on the regions vast music scene which tends to record their songs in the local language that is Frafra. Opening with Fausty Amoa Mabile's "Nosonayine" the album draws us directly to the center of steamingly hot African dancefloors fueled by stripped down, repetitive electronic rhythm signatures and captivating chants whereas "Seero" by Awudu Messenger brings forth more fever'ish electronic pulses and a taste of well-syncopated dancefloor heat. Furthermore Linda Ayupaka serves a massive AfroPop-banger with "Ndaana E'era Ymah", Atiah Mba's "Hunanki" mixes up traditional African music and drums with a stripped down and distinctly compressed UK urban swingbeat before Ragizeer's "Matala Ligiri" somehow meanders between Reggaeton and TropicalHouse to a killer effect. Following up is "Bonboriga N Lobema" by I Remember Yesterday, another sweet excursion into synth-heavy, melodic AfroPop greatness, Bid Gad's "Socre" caters lo-fi polyrhythms and a classic, soulful Kologo-feel and the final cut "Sugri" by Sugri Hajia Zenabu caters a traditional work-related call-and-response chant stretched out over 8+ minutes without being tiring or too repetetive at any given second. Highly recommended, this.

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