Saturday, February 16, 2019

RY X - Unfurl [Infectious / BMG]

After being featured on these pages extensively over the past months with official audio postings for his tunes "Yayaya" and "Untold" as well as the video for "Foreign Tides" it's now about time to dive even deeper into the musical realms of RY X who's been releasing his sophomore album named "Unfurl" via Infectious / BMG on February 15th, 2k19. Over the course of thirteen tracks and approx. 51 minutes we're drawn into tender sonic spheres of inward-looking, pad- and 4/4-driven Indietronics which both work for focused homelistening as well as hyper-romantic closing tune for early morning DJ-sets, especially in songs like "Bound", whereas "Body Sun" delivers a touching, beautiful take on longing piano ballads and "Coven" is another perfect crossover between folksy, intimate IndiePop and the club music world, in this case floating, crystalline (Neo)Trance structures. With "Hounds" we see RY X fully entering fragile Folk / Singer-Songwriter territories for a mid-album breakdown, "The Water" is the most uptempo and dancefloor friendly, yet  most emotionally touching affair on this album and "Mallorca" is a sweet and easy little summer tune for chill moments on mediterranean terraces, hanging out with a loved one. Furthermore "To Know" brings out a more autumnal, melancholia-driven side in RY X's very distinct and unique musical approach, "Sun (Ambient)" provides a (Neo)Classical interlude of sorts before the final "Fumbling  Prayer" waves goodbye in a solemn, tender and caressing member like a beauteous closing tune should do. One album to listen to with your significant other over and over and over again.


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