Friday, February 15, 2019

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 080]

Coming back with his 80th - sic! - untitled album release on his very own Supersix Records-imprint is our man Sascha Müller who's about to unleash another set of eleven brand new tracks with this one. Opening with "Android Wargames" we see Uelsen's finest going deep into the realms of super dry, bouncy, stripped down MinimalTechno with a slightly retrofurist sci-fi twist whereas his interpretation of the "Arctic Summer" turns out to be a captivating DubTechno-infused SloMo Rave experience whilst the "Audio Buzzer" wakes us up with a highly seductive low end melody atop a busy, fast-paced killer Electro foundation and the "Audiogramm" fully caters to the needs of all original Ambient and ChillOut heads with its ever floating, morphing pads and subtle clap / percussion arrangements. Following up is "Bahnexpress", an excursion into pumping, tool-oriented Tribal- meets DiscoHouse, "Bankok" caters a psychedelic Electro vibe that vinyl lovers might've heard already on Sascha Müller's 2012 12" release "Sommernachtsträume" and "Bass Damage" is done by hard, overly compressed Techno bassdrums, razor sharp hi-hats and a  raw banging, tool'ish overall approach. Furthermore the "Beats Wars" are fought with the help of more harsh, brutally distorted bassdrums, space bleeps and spiralling synthesizer loop arrangements, "Beefcake" pays homage to dreamy, complex productions by the likes of Move D throughout his "Kunststoff" era, "Bits And Bites" provides a friendly take on ChillOut / SpaceElectro whilst focusing on warm pads and a lo-fi, yet playful and melodic main motif before the concluding cut named "Black Day" serves more of a reduced, stripped down abstract motor city vibe for a closing.


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