Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Maulgruppe - Tiere In Tschernobyl [Major Label]

Lined up for release on Jena's most active Major Label-imprint is "Tiere In Tschernobyl", the debut album by the newest Jens Rachut-led band outfit Maulgruppe. This time the legendary musician of Nuclear Raped Fuck Bomb-, Kommando Sonne-nmilch-, Oma Hans- and a gazillion more bands fame teams up with members and contributors of outfits like Yass, Ten Volt-Shock and Kurt to create a menu of eleven songs which seems to be the most dense, most desolate and angsty of Rachut's releases in years. Referencing the ultimate greyscale scepticism of Punk and PostPunk throughout the cold war-era whilst painting a black-and-white picture of postapocalytic madness, shaped by piercing, in-your-face mid-range guitar riffing, highly intense atmospheres and ethereal, slightly off-kilter synth motifs in songs like "Geschwür" or "Fäden Ziehen" we experience Maulgruppe bringing forth a huge amount of untamend, high-octane energy whereas "Jäger" is a variation of Jens Rachut's unprecedented, trademark Spoken Word-poetry which, in its most direct and unfiltered form, only could evolve in a city like Hamburg for a reason. The albums title track is a blueprint for Apocalyptic Nuclear Punk with a few electronic undertones whereas the following smash hit "Selbstmitleid Trinken" pays homage to the frontman's former N.R.F.B. project and the epicly titled "Geh Zum Arzt Du Affe" deals with the physical toll of highly independent Punk life just to pick a few songs off this recommended, yet highly dystopian longplayer. Check. 


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