Monday, February 25, 2019

Øyvind Torvund - The Exotica Album [Hubro Music]

Set for release via the Norwegian Hubro Music-label on March 8th, 2k19 is "The Exotica Album", the latest album project thought up by composer Øyvind Torvund who's taking a shot at reviving the Exotica- / Easy Listening-genre for 2019 whilst crossing over into the field of what he refers to as 'early electronic modernism' in the promo sheet coming with the album's pre-release copy. This attempt, finalized with the help of 19 - !!! -additional artists and musicians, comes down to a result of ten tracks spread over a total runtime 34 minutes, amalgamating the re-imagined sound of a naturalistic environment with a feel of undisturbed, yet well psychedelic joy and calmness, bringing forth genre-typical rhythm signatures and highly emotional string arrangements in conjunction with sweet, vintage electronics bleeps and trickles, yet doesn't fail to surprise with massive Noize eruptions in the otherwise tender, but slightly off-kilter "Waking Up Again" whereas the "Rainforest Morning" presents a cheeky, playful and positive attitude, "Jungle Alarm" brings forth dramatic pianos and arrangements whilst "Cave" even manages to incorporate FreeJazz elements into its Technicolor aesthetic, just to pick a few favorite cuts out of this unusual and well-interesting album.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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