Monday, February 11, 2019

Minx / Zimmerman - Minx / Zimmerman [Espacial Discos Promo]

Already put on the circuit via the Spanish label Espacial Discos on November 15th, 2k18 is the re-release of the self-titled, rare debut album of Dutch duo Minx / Zimmerman which they originally released on their Freudian Backroom-imprint back in 1985. With the original six track piece being a sought after collectors item amongst Minimal Wave- / SynthWave-fans as well as those following catchy, well-uplifting SynthPop / 80s music in general we clearly see this one taking over dancefloors of dedicated underground venues once again as the opening cut "Song For Alice" is quite a smash hit in its own right whereas the follow up "Dreams That Money Can Buy" employs a moodier, yet not less melodic vibe whilst delivering a slight nod to capitalism and love before "Days On A Mountain" are well spent in terms of dancing to a beatless killer cut based on dark'ish vocals and a simple, excellent and ever repeating Synth motif. Furthermore the "Good Old Days" indulge in full on kitsch and artificial, over the top plastic romanticisms, "Tearoom In The Rain" serves hypermelodic SynthPop and a bop of a lo-fi vocal performance whilst the concluding cut "Batavia" dabbles with fascinating filter- and echo-works in a sweet, synth-driven ballad fashion. Recommend stuff, this.

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