Monday, April 01, 2019

Haarvöl & Xoan-Xil Lopez - Unwritten Rules Of A Ceaseless Journey [Cronica 148]

Put on the circuit via the Portuguese Cronica-imprint only recently is "Unwritten Rules Of A Ceaseless Journey", the latest album collaboration by Haarvöl and Xoan-Xil Lopez which consists of three, each 15 minutes spanning tracks which were commissioned works for a theatre piece named "Revolucoes". Opening with "Something's Missing (Utopian)" the artists pave the way for things to come, providing a nervous, brooding journey into cold'ish Dark Ambient before progressing into calmer, spaced out territories with this one. The follow up "The Pulsating Waves (Reality)" keeps things on a near static, slowly evolving level of droning Deep Listening Music before "Don't Look Back, Run (Trauma)" continues on a path of calm desolation and darkness, resembling the greyscale tristesse of a postapocalyptic, and maybe not too far away, future in which only the remnants of the nuclear fallout provide movement on otherwise empty streets, covered by poisonous and deadly dust particles lit by a pale moon.


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