Thursday, April 04, 2019

Sascha Müller [Sascha Müller Music 100030]

Coming up with a new digital single release on his very own Sascha Müller Music-imprint is the man Sascha Müller himself, targeting dancefloors with two tracks from his studio vaults. Whilst "Panic Profiling" focuses on a kind of wonky, distorted and well glitched out Phonk variation that might appeal to followers of Speedy J's more experimental works or those still familiar with the great, long-time defunct Anodyne label, all mixed with elements of deep FutureJazz, we see "Sickness" bring forth a dry, highly experimental take on Techno Jazz / Broken Techno with a quite nervous and hectic edge for the more advanced, hyper underground dancefloors of the world. Sick!


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