Friday, May 31, 2019

Danielle De Picciotto - Deliverance [Louder Than War Promo]

Released via Louder Than War on May 15th, 2k19 is "Deliverance", the latest album by US-born, Berlin-based underground music staple Danielle De Picciotto who's left a mark in the cities thriving music scene ever since arriving there back in 1987. Now, and as always, the world travelling Piciotto is exploring her recent state of mind - and life - with an array of ten brand new songs on this album, opening with a stripped down, yet slightly ritualistic and dreamliky take on Leftfield Pop named "Et Arripuerit", drifts off into eerie, distorted, Björk'esque SpokenWord territories with the epic, spine-tingling narrative that is "Hail" before the "Dark Butterfly" finds its way, accompanied by a flock of birds, into a piano driven realm of ballads, making a clear connection to highly experimental SynthPop here. Furthermore the albums the albums title track "Deliverance" dabbles in tender, Nordic Folk-infused mystery and - again De Picciotto's mesmerizing Spoken Words, "Dancing In The Rain" provides a surprising playfulness, positive naturalism and Dillon'esque innocence in the artists music whilst "My Secret Garden" combines scraping sounds and a (Neo)Classical string attitude and the albums main piece "Spring" provides approx. 13 minutes of panoramic Ambient melancholia in combination with distinct social and environmental criticism for a deep, thoughtful meditation on the subject. Furthermore "Sehnsucht" indeed transcribes full on longing and yearning into musical tenderness, "Die Wüste Meiner Seele" shifts De Picciotto's poetic vision into German language, musically referring to a certain desert vibe indeed, thinking of calm hot summer afternoons and evenings here, before "Survivors" gets down with the kitsch, the esoteric and the hippies which is the only letdown of this otherwise well recommended album which is about to resonate with folks following acts like Camila Fuchs / Camila Delaborde and the likes of for sure.


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