Thursday, May 02, 2019

baze.djunkiii Charts 05/2019

01. Ariane Granda - Into U *Kaka Bootleg [Night Slugs]
What a rework. Hyperdub-related artist / DJ / producer Ikonika takes care of Ariana Grande's "Into You" acapella vocal and transfers the Pop-tune into a new context, bringing forth a stripped down yet sweet contemporary Future Soul / UK Urban vibe with loads of street credibility with enough raw bass power to turn every Grime and Dubstep event upside down as a surprise closing tune. Killer.

02. Istari Lasterfahrer - Live At The Boiler Room [Sozialistischer Plattenbau]
This limited to 20 hand-numbered, hand-cut 7" copies vinyl single was put out on the circuit as an unofficial, and therefore event mocking, release for Record Store Day 2019 and is not only an interesting marketing move but also an interesting production effort meant to be functional at both 33 and 45 rpm speed as well as Istari Lasterfahrer's best outing in years. Obviously not recorded "Live At The Boiler Room" both tracks on this highly limited release see the Hamburg-based producer going back to his very roots, presenting a raw, untamed and highly energetic take on rough DarkJungle / Breakcore which made the label so special in its infant years a.k.a. 20 years ago. Recommended.

03. Detroit In Effect featuring The Men You'll Never See - The Unseen [Clone West Coast Series]
This re-issue of the originally 1997-released "The Unseen" EP brings nothing but classic goodness for all lovers of all things Electro, ElectroFunk and GhettoBass out there. Especially the A2-cut "R U Married" is a must have with a seductive sex swing but this goes for the whole EP anyway. A blast from the past.

04. Painbringer - Dangerous Days [Rave Instinct 002]
Is this Hardcore? Is this Rave? Or a flashback / tribute to the 90s? All six tracks on Painbringers latest EP release on the relatively fresh Rave Instinct-imprint are meandering in between all these elements, fusing contemporary productions values with uptempo Hardcore vibes and an undeniably seductive melodic element which takes us back to the heyday of acts like Hardsequencer or RMB which used to send ravers into ecstatic heavens in large warehouse raves throughout the mid-90s. Get as a blind buy on limited orange vinyl or check "Everything Or Nothing", "Ghosttown" and "Inner War" for an upfront thrill.

05. Peshay - Angels & Demons [Infrared Records]
Peshay single-handedly revives classic Drum'n'Bass vibes with this massive EP and presents four excellent, bass-heavy rollers that could've ruled dancefloors around 2001 / 2002 with their large scale organic sinewave subs and complex, yet driving beats - a combination especially thrilling in the B1 track "Galaxy". If this hadn't be released via Infrared this could've found a home on the classic Metalheadz label as well and would've been calling for reloads in Blue Note sessions for more than one reason. One for the real heads out there.

06. Roberto & Jamie Anderson feat. Robert Owens - Warehouse EP [Fossil Archive 009]
"Warehouse EP" is probably the most fitting, most suitable title this 12" vinyl release could ever sport as it is a perfect contemporary blueprint emulation of original Chicago DeepHouse and Chicago Acid including all its wonky, spiralling, hypnotizing bassline works and longing, highly emotional vocals. Mix these ingredients up with a massive, marching bassdrum foundation and you'll end up with an amazing late night weapon which won't ever leave your flightcase again. High quality stuff, this.

07. Deep'a & Biri - Dominance *Remixes [Black Crow 011]
The Israel-based production team of Deep'a & Biri is back with a new 12" that sees four tracks of their most recent album "Dominance" reworked by Midnight Operator, Peter Van Hoesen, Z.I.P.P.O. and Deniro. Originally on a more floating, DubTechno-influenced vibe all tunes are taken in different directions here, spanning a musical range from dark, banging, tool'ish contemporary Techno via deep floating (Neo)Trance goodness to fast paced, dubbed out, yet Acid-infused realms with heaps of dancefloor potential for all vinyl-relying DJ's out there.

08. Jodey Kendrick - Electric Dance Music 1 [Clone Dub Recordings 039]
Quite an interesting album on the Dutch Clone Dub Recordings-label, bringing forth what the term IDM originally was coined for. (Neo)Cosmic-infused Armchair Techno, Electro, Ambient, Detroit influences and Electronica all fall together in a manner that could've also been released on the legendary Braindance-imprint named Rephlex if it were still around. Good stuff.

09. Techfunkers - Techfunkers The Album: Techfunk Is Where It's At Vol 1 Out Of 3 [Sex Mania]
News have it these days that a whole chunk of the entire Sex Mania catalogue will be repressed these days, meaning that we're about to see what might be the most beautiful and pleasing company artwork standard jackets finding their way back onto the shelves of recordstores worldwide. This aside, 12"es like this repressed, originally 1995 released EP bring back some killer Electro cuts with a Freestyle / LatinoHouse / Breakdance touch which still work nicely on todays dancefloors, even 24 years after they first touched down in clubs. Nothing wrong with this, so keep 'em coming.

10. Relapse - Your Mouth In My Hands / Multilingual Talk Channel [Minor Mora]
The Leipzig-based Minor Label continues its explorations in experimental Halftime Drum'n'Bass with this deep, excellent and limited to 150 copies 7" record pressed on pink'ish, translucent vinyl. Both tracks are defo made for the advanced Drum'n'Bass connaisseur digging both productions by the likes of Amit as well as releases from the wider Club Autonomica-circuit and will find their way into the selections of DJ's playing on the underground, intimate club circuit rather than in massive raves for a reason.


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