Sunday, April 28, 2019

Western Edges - Prowess [Sound In Silence 062]

Released via the Greek Ambient-staple Sound In Silence on April 10th, 2k19 is the debut album of Western Edges, a new solo project run by UK-based producer Richard Adams. Presenting a selection of eight tracks spread over the course of roughly 26 minutes on "Prowess" the firstling is mainly inspired by photographs of Saltaire, West Yorkshire, the residential area in which Adams currently lives in. Opening with the ethereal, yet melancholic beauty of "You Look So Beautiful From Up Here" we're immediately drawn into masterly crafted Ambient territories from the very start, "Suddenly: A Dream" provides more highly comforting sonic cushioning accompanied by soft piano chords and easy synth movements before "Western Edges" presents a slightly more brooding, Drone-infused and outerworldy take on the genre and "Solid Gold Soul" sets advanced dancefloors in motion with a distinct, dreamy variation on blurred, melodic, yet all embracing Armchair Techno. The follow up "You're Going To Miss My Love" dabbles with slightly distorted low frequency movements in contrast to heavenly string progressions, "All Downhill From Here" dabbles in layered, reverberating echoes and enchanted sound processing whilst "Very Good On The Rushes" combines blueprint AmbientTrance pads with raw, edgy bassdrums and elements of (Neo)Cosmic for those who love Pedro Vian's latest album outing on Modern Obscure Music whereas the final cut "Absence" brings forth a blurred, slowly evolving variation of multilayered Ambient pads for a closing, presenting an endless, timeless flow of forgiveness accompanied by tender bassdrums and echoes of echoes of DubTechno influences for a deep crowd. Check!


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