Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Mis+Ress - Dispellers [Sound In Silence 063]

Another one released via Sound In Silence on April 10th, 2k19 is the new album "Dispellers" created by New Jersey-based producer Brian Wenckebach who's employing his artistic alias Mis+Ress for this eight track and 27 minute-spanning longplay outing. Put on the circuit as a hand-numbered, limited to 200 copies release the album opens with "The Floating World", a bubbly take on Ambient-infused Indietronica / Post-PostRock reminiscent of flowing water whereas the follow up "In Cases Of Bewitchment" fully indulges in the possibilities of calm, tender and well twangy guitar layers for a hot summer evening spent by the pool with a sugary cocktail at hand. Visiting the "Diet Butcher" sees Mis+Ress drift along timeless flows of Ambient padding, the "High-Functioning Sleepwalker" starts out on a trippy, off kilter-tip before falling into deep sleep, cushioned by tender, positive guitar motifs with a slightly Folk'ish twist whilst "She Trembles As She Paints" is another warm, friendly and all embracing take on Mis+Ress' trademark sound featuring a cute little vocal sample that makes this one the most outstanding and our personal favorite cut on this album. Furthermore "Adulting" brings forth a slightly more sincere, yet not let caressing vibe in its beautiful chord progressions, "Moonglow" perfectly lives up to its romantic title for a reason and the concluding cut "The International Dark-Sky Association" deals with a soft, slow moving flow of meandering pads, making this final composition the most classic Ambient track on this longplayer. Good stuff.

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