Monday, May 13, 2019

Kedr Livanskiy - Your Need [2MR 043]

Put on the circuit via the 2MR-label on May 3rd, 2k19 is Kedr Livanskiy's most recent album "Your Need" in which the Moscow-based artist delivers her second longplay outing as well as a slight shift in musical focus influenced by her DJ-sets which reflect her personal take on 'ghetto music' from Dub to House to UK Garage and beyond. Laid down in a quite spontaneous ten day spanning writing session alongside St. Petersburg's Flaty we see Kedr Livanskiy present a selection of ten brand new tracks on her 32 minutes spanning sophomore album opening with the Synth- and Vaporwave-informed title track "Your Need" which is set to work on Electro-, House- and Techno-focused floors alike. Following up is "Sky Kisses" with a sweet, captivating and vocal-led ChicagoHouse- / DeepHouse-attitude, "Why Love" gets down with ethereal vocals as well as influences taken from SynthPop and (Neo)Cosmic whereas "Lugovoy *November Dub" dabbles in well thought out Dub crossover territories. With "Bounce 2" we see Kedr Livanskiy paying homage to raw, bouncy GhettoHouse inna Dance Mania-style, "Kiska" mixes up UK Funky with styles like Kuduro and a kind of mystique harking back to Fatima Al Qadiri's work as Ayshay before "Your Need *Deep Mix" brings in more uptempo, vocal-driven DeepHouse-beauty for DJ's who know. Furthermore "LED" is quite a surprise in terms of branching out into Russian high end R'n'B / Pop territories for daytime radio use, the "City Track" takes on a shuffled, uptempo Electro vs. Pop vibe stylewise and the final cut "Ivan Kupala *New Day" provides what maybe is the albums biggest dancefloor smasher with a massive, bass-heavy variation of 1992-esque UK Hardcore / Breakbeat with epic vocal breakdown sequences. Proper stuff. Check.

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