Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 084]

Soon to come on the ever active Supersix Records-imprint is the new, untitled album by label head honcho Sascha Müller who's catering a menu of eleven previously unreleased tracks on this one. Opening with "Endlos" the Uelsen-based producer brings forth a quite unusual take on monotonous MinimalTechno tristesse, "Ergometer" takes us on a fast paced ride into territories dominated by hounded mid-range synths and clean, bleepy sci-fi sounds whereas "Ergon" provides more of a threatening, spatial and reverberating atmosphere paired with clean electronic bassdrum pulses and haunted vocals, all amalgamated into a unique piece of Pop Unambient before "Erosol" fuses deep Ambient vibes with a brutal, yet excellent Phonk attitude for highly advanced dancefloors. Next up is "Escape From Aboria (Original Mix)", a bouncy raw RaveTechno variation sporting a trancey twist and a cheeky little melody followed by the variation "Escape From Aboria (Tranced Out Mix)" which provides more of a gooey AcidTrance feel bassline whilst simultaneously sporting uplifting, ethereal main arrangements for an ultimate lift off whereas "Fahren" totally shifts gear with its well funky, lo-fi Downbeat / TripHop vibe which could've been well suitable for labels like Hotel Lotte or even Compost Records in their very early days. Furthermore "Fehlfarben" brings forth a stripped down, hounded and tool'ish variation on tribal'esque AcidTechno paying homage to late 90s' The Advent stylewise, "Fragen Über Fragen" comes to terms with abstract, clumsy and dubbed out MinimalHouse inna Cologne-style, the "Freak Show" is another highly functional and braincell wrecking MonoAcid / AcidTechno workout and the final cut "Free Four" caters a super dry MinimalTechno groove accompanied by soft pad modulations for all highly tool-focused DJs out there. Proper stuff.


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