Thursday, June 20, 2019

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 085]

Recently released via his own Supersix Records-imprint is Sascha Müller's latest untitled twelve track album, the labels 085, which opens with "Earthlander", a floating ca. 1994 take on melodic Trance in its original form whereas the follow up "Fresh Killed Landfield" presents a bubbly take on hypnotic AcidTrance for psychedelic journeys through time and space before "Future Punk Part 01" brings forth a killer variation of driving, cut up AcidPhonk garnished by a well eerie and cold vocal loop that drills a desolate hole right in the heart of your soul. Next up, "Future Punk Part 02" keeps up with the Phonk vibe yet presents a more electroid attitude and warm, 'troity IDM-pads reminiscent of a very Trance classic instead of wild modulated rides, the "Gefahrenzone" is more of a hounded, uptempo Electro affair accompanied by gooey IDM modulations that seem to run on halftime speed compared to the fast beat and "Geistige Aktivitäten" gets down with a dry, well-phonky Techno vibe, off-beat snares and an uber seductive electroid main motif for those who know, combining the best of many styles within one tune. Furthermore "Geprüft Und Abgesegnet" is more of a raw, chunky, unprocessed (Acid)Techno affair for the tool lovers out there, "Gesellschaftsspiele" gets every House floor to go down with deep killer pads and a classic, yet rarely heard, Breakbeat-based groove foundation that seems to be coming straight from the 90s whilst "Götterdämmerung" relies on dark'ish low frequency movements and hypnotic Acid lines atop a slow, electroid antigroove foundation for the most experimental DJ-sets out there. Progressing into "Haare Schneiden" we see Sascha Müller exploring dry, stripped down MinimalTechno once again, "Handyman" keeps things minimal, yet on a way more funky level and with a sweet, trancey touch becoming more and more evident as the tune slowly builds up over the course of 8+ minutes and the final cut "Holodeck Warrior" sets dancefloors ablaze with a classic, spiralling and well-hypnotic variation of storming, yet psychoactive AcidTechno for a final sonic meltdown. Good stuff.


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