Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Various Artists - Groundzero Teknocamp 004: Jackerz C90 [Groundzero Teknocamp 004]

Put on the circuit via the underground imprint, as well as real life event series, Groundzero Teknocamp as a limited to 150 copies cassette tape album is "Groundzero Teknocamp 004: Jackerz C90" which brings forth a very special approach towards an album release in capturing two very special live joints for the audience. On the A-side we're thrown back more than two decades with Null Object "Live At Fuzz Box - 18th Of December 1998", a wild session opening with one of the loveliest Techno bootlegs we've ever come across before progressing into raw, merciless Acid, HardAcid and distorted, stomping Techno jams which, although carefully remastered, seem to lack a little subbass - maybe due to the age and medium of the original recording. On the B-side we see the American Techno- / Acid- / electronic music-legend Freddy Fresh present "The Yaya23 Sessions" in which he's switching to dark'ish, hypnotic uptempo AcidTechno gears from the very first minute, bringing forth a hounded, raw underground attitude that will be well received by lovers of TribeTekno and Teknival culture as well as by the regular Rave- and Acidhead for a reason.

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