Sunday, June 09, 2019

Xotox - Paleodisco *Club-Edition [Pro Noize Promo]

Fresh on the circuit via the Pro Noize-label is "Paleodisco *Club-Edition", the recent single taken off of the latest Xotox album "Silent Shout" which also includes the "Paleodisco *Club-Mix" we've already featured on these pages a short while ago. Apart from this cut we see the 'Remix By Tonriss' going for a harder, well groove-focused Techno vibe whilst twisting the tunes main vocal sample in a spooky, alienating way before the 'Remix By Yura Yura' explores distorted, outerworldly slo-mo Industrial Techno spheres. Furthermore "Military Sex *Xotox vs. Toys No More" comes in with a quite anthemic EBM attitude which also is about to work well with Electroclash crowds due to its dirty, yet straightforward feel, the 16Pad Noise Terrorist take on "Paleodisco" fuses buzzing, electrified basslines and a cascading synth melody with what is best to be described as complex, multi-tempo FreeTekno for Teknival crowds worldwide whereas the "I Dream Only Beautiful Nightmares *Remix By Denny Engler" gets deep into pumping MinimalTechno / TechHouse territories and provides raw sawtooth basslines reminiscent of Thomas P. Heckmann's work in his early 'Knarz'-phase and the well complex 'C-Dur Remix By Hirte Kalbalikum' of "Paleodisco" cuts things up for a reason whilst pleasing the needs of all BrokenTechno- as well as EBM/Techno-crossover fans with galopping beats, excellent filter works and brutalist sequences for the headstrong before the final cut of this single brings back the original album version of the title track for a closing. Check.

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