Saturday, June 08, 2019

Chris Brokaw - End Of The Night [Glitterbeat Records / Tak:til]

The first release of a new partnership formed between the Glitterbeat Records / Tak:til stable and the American VDSQ Records is the European release of Chris Brokaw's new album "End Of The Night" which sees the renowned guitarist and collaborator of Thurston Moore, Stephen O'Malley and others aiming exactly at what the title implies: creating the perfect record to end a long homelistening session with a friend, an idea which emerged from such a session years ago. Aiming at this as an end result we see Chris Brokaw providing a 33 minutes journey of friendly, positive PostRock meets Jazz fusion cuts which will surely resonate with fans of imprints like Morr Music, Sunday Service, Alien Transistor, AdP Records and the likes of which gets as intimate as things can get and is best listened to with a close friend or a loved one on a cosy autumn sunday afternoon or throughout a heavy thunderstorm at night for a bit of what can be described as sonic comfort for sure. Is this the perfect record for "The End Of The Night"? Maybe not, but its a quite solemn and inward-looking one which will, and can, be enjoyed by fans of Shoegaze and even Indietronica as well. Check "Our Fathers" for maximum dubbed out deepness and a little PopAmbient vibe - think: Klimek in their early days - and "A Dip" for a touch of DesertBlues melancholia.

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