Saturday, June 08, 2019

Verwesung - Tiefschwarze Todessehnsucht (Demo 4)

Coming in these days is a demo-version of Verwesung's album "Todessehnsucht" which has been released as single-sided cassette tape via both Depressive Illusion Records and Wulfrune Worxxx in 2017 and 2016 respectively. The project, set up by Paha Henki in 2015, is widely described as Obscure Black Metal on Discogs and well... this is what one gets when sitting through the seven tracks spread over 29 minutes here. A well garage'y, home-recorded aesthetic pretty exclusively focusing on the midrange frequencies of the sonic spectrum, a multi-layered guitar-apocalypse, indecipherable screams and tinny background drum terror characterize the production value and style of this album piece which is quite an experience and defo nothing to love for the faint hearted but provides well groovy and enjoyable moments in cuts like "A Tombstone With My Name" or "Transilvanian Fog" as well. Beware.


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