Saturday, July 06, 2019

Dize 7 - Mechanical Systems EP [Psychocandies 078]

Put out on the digital circuit via the ever active imprint that is Psychocandies is the "Mechanical Systems EP", a new four track single crafted by Finnish producer Dize 7 who's appeared on the label on a regular throughout the past years. Opening with "Rate Parameter" we're getting hit straight in the face by a stomping brutal Rave excess on the brink of Gabba whereas "Two Specifications" result in an evident space-time-error, massively warped, multi-layered melodic signals and more relentless bassdrum assaults. Furthermore "Initial Time" fully embarks on a cut-up Gabba tip whilst not even thinking about taking any prisoners on the dancefloor and the final cut "Mean And Variance" presents Dize 7's home country Finland in full on preparation for battle and hypersonic warfare, ready to fight until the very last bassbin is about to fail. In yer face musick!


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