Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Skat Injector - Unknown Violator [Slime City Records Promo]

Coming in only recently from the Slime City Records offices even though being released back in April of 2k18 is "Unknown Violator", the latest full on album release produced by internationally renowned electronic music brutalist Skat Injector who's been preaching ultimate darkness on the production circuit since 2009, approximately. Going in full force for this longplay piece we see Skat Injector setting up the vibe with the atmospheric and brooding DarkAmbient intro that is "A Garden Watered Only In Blood" before he does what he usually does best: unleashing hell and a slayfest of sonic terrorism. Over the course of an hour we're exposed to a fusion of Grindcore / Metal-influenced vocals, horror score-resembling atmospheres and a merciless barrage of ultra-compressed high speed drums, oftentimes exceeding the Speedcore barrier to embark on a journey into Splittercore and even Extratone realms whilst providing intense, chaotic HorrorRave experiences with tunes like "Slaughter Is The Best Medicine" or "Spread The Disease", diving deep into nightmare'ishly Doombient or moments of marching, straightforward Hardcore soon corrupted by another sequence of most brutalist rapid fire. Do not play to minors or PTSD patients. Might cause trauma and epileptic seizures.

Best sample included: "I wanna kill everyone. Satan is good. Satan is our pal."

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