Thursday, August 15, 2019

Blue Gene Tyranny - Out Of The Blue [Unseen Worlds 024 Promo]

Re-released via Unseen Worlds on June 14th, 2k19 is "Out Of The Blue", the longplay debut by Blue Gene Tyranny which was originally put onthe circuit via the Lovely Music label in 1978. Sporting a whole of 4 songs over the course of 49 minutes we see the opener "Next Time Might Be Your Time" provide a sweet, slightly twangy and somewhat Country-infused approach to daytime radio compatible Pop before taking an unexpected turn towards Ska-influences throughout the songs fourth quarter whereas the subsequent "For David K" dives deep into the realms of heavy Funk garnished with echoes of Psychedelia and thick layers of vintage sexyness. "Leading A Double Life" has Blue Gene Tyranny going for a piano-driven, inward looking yet expressive melancholia accompanied by spaced out falsetto harmonies before the albums main piece "A Letter From Home" encapsulates the psychedelic feel of the era over a nearly 26 minutes stretch, featuring storytelling SpokenWord passages, dreamy guitars and even references to singers like Joan Baez vibewise - at least in parts of the composition. A spine-tingling journey and defo a gem within the Avantgarde Pop niche for a reason.


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