Monday, August 12, 2019

The Quilz - Fishing For Ketchup [Prickly Records]

Put on the circuit via Prickly Records these days is the first fully fledged vinyl longplay outing by Milwaukee-based local heroes The Quilz which is available as regular black vinyl pressing and as a limited to 100 hand-numbered copies burgundy vinyl edition for die-hard fans and collectors of the bands work. Opening with "Delete Delete" the band immediately revisits one of their biggest tunes for a captivating start only to dive deeper into a thrilling amalgamation of spaced out ItaloDisco and halftime Dubstep with "Robot Love" before "Take Me To Your Leader" transforms dedicated IndieElectro punters into a raving, glowstick-swinging crowd driven by pure mass hysteria and "Are You Still Out" is providing dreamy romance for all spaced out SynthPop lovers out there. When The Quilz do "Drown In Your Love" they're truly drowning in muscular, bass heavy ElectroBreaks, cute melodies and vintage vocal lines, to "Fade Away" means to lose oneself on the dancefloor grooving to cascading synth melodies and super seductive Indie guitars whilst the group is listening to twangy, (Neo)Cosmic "Until The End Of Time" and we're gladly tagging along. Furthermore "Fan The Flame" provides a cute, yet dramatic variation of the sweetest, most candy-coated synth-driven SpacePop around, "Say Anything" weighs in the right amount of steaming hot sexyness and highly seductive low end works for the wee hours, "Hip Hip Hooray" comes at every dancefloor with an advanced, somewhat Reggae-reminiscent swing in combination with more sparkling, spine-tingling SpacePop and the concluding "Hung Up On You" waves farewell in a sweet, slightly dusty vintage manner. What's not to love about this?


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