Thursday, August 08, 2019

Wil Bolton - Surface Reflections [Sound In Silence 066]

Put on the circuit via the Greek Ambient staple Sound In Silence on July 15th, 2k19 is Wil Bolton's new album "Surface Reflections", the artists second longplay outing on the label after his 2014-released "Whorl". Making a return with five new tracks and a limited print run of 200 hand-numbered copies we see the long time-established artist bringing forth quite an unusual musical approach compared to the releases within the Sound In Silence-catalogue over the past year or so as he pairs up a darker, droning and more experimental sonic backdrop with Field Recordings captured in Hong Kong and soft Post-PostRock textures in the album opener "Shrouded" whereas "In The Air Of The Morning" evokes memories of the late 90s and early 2000s with its beautiful polylayered and all embracing, yet slightly glitched out Ambient / Indietronica sound. The follow up named "Shallows" brings forth full on floating Ambient romanticism at its best, "Crossing" offers more tender guitar-textures alongside a distinct peaceful and intimate balearic sunset vibe bordering the popular PopAmbient genre in parts whereas the concluding title track "Surface Reflections" amalgamates slowly meandering pads and a minimalist, carefully performed ever repeating guitar motif to create a most calm and comforting sonic pillow able to turn everyone into a die-hard Ambient / ChillOut head within a few minutes only. Great stuff. Get.


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