Sunday, August 11, 2019

Erkki Veltheim - Ganzfeld Experiment [Room40 Promo]

Scheduled for release on AUgust 16th, 2k19 via the Australian label Room40 is Erkki Veltheim's "Ganzfeld Experiment" which is the producers first full-on solo recording published on the imprint. With the title referring to a method of para-psychology we see Veltheim cater a one-track composition with this one, a 44 minutes long stream of sonic events comprised of a steady, rhythmic transmission of hissing static noize as a foundation for altered, warped and modulated impulses from the artists electric violin which for the most part are not recognizable as violin by any means. Instead the Finland-born composer creates a cold, well alienating athmosphere through these emissions, an intense, yet unsettling thrill remiscent of borderline transdimensional experimentation in a frosty sci-fi lab of the future, channeling evil forces and unspoken of powers that exist beyond our field of perception and knowledge, and this for a good reason or two. Imagine picking up daytime radio transmissions from the Upside-Down and being paralysed by the otherworldly tones of a vantablack lovecraftian fog and ever growing evil copse covering a realm unseen whilst the tonal shifts and musical evolution of these transmissions work their way towards cataclysmic madness and (Neo)Classical insanity before a final stretch of total desolation takes over. A soundtrack for a world too dark.


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