Sunday, August 25, 2019

H - H (Stencil Edition) [Echokammer 085]

Set for release via Munich's infamous Echokammer-label is "H", the self-titled debut album by the artistic triumvirate that is H, comprised of label head Albert Pöschl, Tom Simonetti a.k.a. Mycrotom and Leo Hopfinger a.k.a. LeRoy, with the latter two mentioned also collaborating under the name of Rhytm Police. Originally derived from an inspirational moment throughout a Rhytm Police recording session and soon evolving into a project in its own right, resulting in a nine track vinyl firstling which, in this form, only and most likely could've come from the Munich / Augsburg underground axis - not only because the artists made an effort to split the already limited vinyl print run even further with an extra special batch of only 50 hand-numbered copies coming with a limited stencil paint cover for all the die-hard collectors and street art enthusiasts out there. The M / A connection is also musically obvious for those who know, seeing the trio embracing a DIY-influenced, professional lo-fi grassroots attitude regularly found in both cities and surrounding areas as a connecting element in the underground sound of Bavaria whilst working on an amalgamation of PostRock, Dub and, of course, meandering, session'esque KrautRock which would structurally allow every single cut to go on beyond forever in a live context, no matter what the original intended track length on this firstling is. Despite not being an obvious hit album, neither aiming to be one, we see tunes like "Alpensee" evolve into beloved underground art scene favorites whilst "Am Zug" even provides some kind of Oriental Dub vibes and therefore a potential to cross over into the so-called World Music scene. "So Kommt Man Weiter (Vitamin B / Reprise)" might even sit well with fans of Ennio Morricone due to its overall score'esque vibe, "w = f mal s" takes (Math) PostRock vs. Dub crossovers to an advanced, dancefloor-friendly level, "Nebenan Zieht's" brings forth the most obvious Dub homage on this album although influences by PostPunk and echo-heavy mixdowns occasionally catered by iconic past bands like Bauhaus can be spotted as well and "Alle 11 Minuten" turns out to be a secret, tender and melodic hit for all young, cute, introvert, artsy and intelligent PostRock-loving girls out there just to name a few. Check.


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