Monday, August 19, 2019

Ophir Ilzetzki - Symphony No. 1 [False Industries 026 Promo]

Scheduled for release via False Industries as the labels 026 on August 30th, 2k19 is "Symphony No. 1", a four track album composed by Ophir Ilzetzki, influenced - at least according to the albums press sheet - by both Gustav Mahler and pioneering electronic composers of the 60s and 70s. Spread over the a runtime of 56 minutes total the four pieces, to be seen as parts of a complete story that is the album, have been indepently composed over the course of more than a year, opening with the dark, threatening electrical low end buzz of "God Sent" which somehow evokes memories of disconnected cables producing occasional sparks, and short circuits, in a long abandoned post-apocalyptic vault within the 'Alien' universe whereas "Emma Carmel" is of a more sterile, scientific overall nature, introducing both piercing sinewave pitches as well as big reverberating metallic clangs and scrapes and indecipherable alien communication attempts to the sonic aspects of this symphony. Furthermore "To Heal A Blood Town" comes closer to an attempt in total extermination as this tune opens with a hefty wall of brutal midrange Noize before a part melodic, ever repeating signal is heavily warped, twisted and mutilated, provoking a deafening maelstrom of overwhelming power to break lose before "Of No Input", the albums main piece stretched over the course of 22 minutes, starts out as a sequence of irregular, yet rhythmic dark electronic pulses, before those are later accompanied by sharp, noisy high frequency noise layers and various cold, slightly Electronica reminiscing structures. Proper.


Anonymous Ophir Ilzetzki said...

Thanks for a beautiful review!!! Proper :)
Just a note that my website link in the article is wrong, and should be:

Much love!

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Blogger baze.djunkiii said...

typo in website link corrected now... it's been a pleasure to review this one.

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Anonymous Ophir Ilzetzki said...


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