Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Murder Capital - When I Have Fears [Human Season Records]

Put on the circuit via Human Season Records on August 16th, 2k19 is "When I Have Fears", the captivating ten track debut album by the upcoming Irish PostPunk heroes known as The Murder Capital. Already announced on these pages earlier with the video for "Don't Kling To Life" which well reminded us of genre greats like The Cure the band opens up with the muscular, tribal'esque, aggression-driven "For Everything", a song that is already a massive statement of darkness in its own right before "More Is Less" indulges in powerful greyscale Punk with a well recognizable, raw oldskool UK attitude and "Green & Blue" brings forth a seductive, Blues-reminiscing uptempo bassline in combination with more tribal war drums and the overall vibe of a stripped down NoWave-ballad. With the subsequent cuts "Slowdance I" and "Slowdance II" The Murder Capital are exploring dark places hidden deep inside our souls before "On Twisted Ground" provides the most intimate, inward-looking musical perspective to be found on this longplayer in terms of songwriting and instrumentation. Furthermore "Feeling Fades" harks back to a raw, untamed Punk attitude and sets dancefloors on fire within seconds, "How The Streets Adore Me Now" introduces an unexpected variation with poetic, yet dramatic piano-led darkness and a distinct, slightly nasal vocal performance suitable for lonely cold winter nights and open fire listening sessions whereas the concluding "Love, Love, Love" indulges in complex, syncopated rhythm signatures, heavy guitar feedbacks and an overall feel of greyscale isolation and despair which is surely to be celebrated on each and every dancefloor inhabited by goth-like creatures of the night. Recommended!

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