Thursday, August 22, 2019

Blue Gene Tyranny & Peter Gordon - Trust In Rock [Unseen Worlds 018 Promo]

Released via the Unseen Worlds label on June 14th, 2k19 is "Trust In Rock", a double CD album and triple vinyl LP affair featuring both concerts held consecutively by Blue Gene Tyranny and Peter Gordon with a shared band ensemble on in early November 1976 as a part of the so-called 'Trust In Rock' concert-series which was held with the distinct purpose to explore a 'new music for rock bands' a.k.a. wanted to step away from the same old line up and structure that Rock'n'Roll in its many varieties had provided for years. With CD1 providing the 57 minutes long recording of Blue Gene Tyranny's four track spanning live show including the two epicly stretched out pieces "Without Warning" and "On The Other Hand" which both pass a little beyond the 20 minutes mark we're witnessing a musical journey including 70s Country Rock turning into epic, meandering instrumental jams ending up with a jazzy twist as well as full-on sax driven JazzRock turning Country love song and other goodness. On CD2 Peter Gordon's hour set includes a total of five cuts overall, immediately going all in with a Jazz-based wall of sound which surely was pretty overwhelming for concert goers at the time, providing an amalgamation of raw, dirty down to earth BluesRock with somewhat of a Proto-PostPunk attitude in "God's A Man" and even elaborating musically on big time period drama throughout the course of the show; an effort which, if a little more streamlined, would've even been suitable for daytime radio broadcasts at the time even though the musicians attitude was more headed towards an avantgarde approach seemingly. In hindsight it's a lot easier to tell that not too much 'new' was found in these two shows which, despite living up to a high quality standard, can feel a bit lengthy and outdated at times, even for musically curious and well versed listeners.


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