Monday, August 26, 2019

In2TheSound - Commotion & Style [Sireena Records]

Released via Sireena Records in late July, 2k19 is In2The Sound's first, and also live recorded, album - a project initiated by original drummer Mike Dudley as a tribute to his 80s PostPunk band outfit The Sound, and as a homage to the bands original singer Adrian Borland who passed away in 1999. Realized with the help of front singer Carlo Van Putten of Dead Guitars and The Convent, Jojo Brandt of Sonnenbrandt / The Convent-fame and more band members of The Convent stepping in for contributions on many levels the project soon evolved way beyond a mere tribute and took on a life of its own, with recent shows taking place in Portugal, the Netherlands, the world famous WGT fest in Leipzig - and in places like the KUZ in the small German village of Osterholz-Scharmbeck where this album actually was recorded on April 28th, 2k18. A live album which sounds, apart from short audience interactions and well obvious crowd appreciation in between the tracks, similarly proper and well balanced as a studio recording could ever sound, bridging the musical gap between PostPunk, Wave and echoes of Alternative Rock in its broadest  sense, providing dark grey dancefloor smashers like the epic "New Dark Age" or the slightly more uplifting, yearning "Total Recall". Other favorites include the high octane B1 opener "Heartland" as well as the more laid back, offbeat-infused late night cut that is "Barria Alta" just to name a few.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a special night and superb musical delivery!
Crowd was there. I was there. I know because I can ear myself...

To the reviewer: Thank You!


11:09 PM  

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