Monday, August 26, 2019

Kjetil Mulelid Trio - What You Thought Was Home [Rune Grammofon Promo]

Coming in directly from ensemble leader Kjetil Mulelid himself is "What You Thought Was Home",  the follow up to late 2017's "Not Nearly Enough To Buy A House" which was the highly acclaimed album debut by the Kjetil Mulelid Trio, consisting of Mr. Mulelid alongside Bjørn Marius Hegge and Andreas Skar Winther - both established figures in the Danish Jazz scene in their own right. Once again in for a nine track journey the trio opens with the albums title track, a beautiful take on late night BarJazz piano for smokey high class joints frozen in time, accompanied by unusually nervous background percussion whereas the "Folk Song" is coming in with a proper swing instead of reminiscing about days of yore before "Bruremarsj (Wedding March)" raises questions about appropriate pronounciation of 'rsj' as a word ending whilst indeed catering a more ceremonial, slow but yet joyful and celebratory take on piano-led music backed by a highly complex, heavily syncopated drum foundation as well as a cheeky, intentionally off kilter bass vibe. Telling "Tales" the Kjetil Mulelid Trio once again embarks on a deep, melancholic BarJazz journey, this time catering a surprisingly improvisational mid-track twist and an aura and timbre of overall wisdom and life experience, "Far  Away" goes even deeper down the intimate, tender and sometimes even romantic alley before "A Cautionary Tale Against A Repetetive Life" provides what could be a well thought out title score for a classy, dramatic broadway play. Furthermore "Waltz For Ima" is in for dramatic pianos and more swinging late night syncopation, "When Winter Turns Into Spring" even gets dancefloors moving with a lively, frolicking attitude and - although being fully organic - would've blended in well with tunes featured on the legendary very first sequel of the "Future Sound Of Jazz"- series issued by Compost Records back in the days before "Homecoming" slowly waves goodbye in a a lush and peaceful manner. We're defo seeing where the Kjetil Mulelid Trio is going with this one in terms of musical evolution and we're totally digging the direction they're headed towards. Check.

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