Saturday, August 10, 2019

Phase Duo - s/t [Aut Records 048]

Put on the circuit via Berlin's Aut Records label on June 25th, 2k19 is the debut album by Phase Duo, a group comprised of Eloisa Manera and Stefano Greco who are combining their musical arsenal of violin, monochord and further electronics to combine a musical menu of nine tracks described to be influenced by Minimal Music masters like Reich and Riley as well as Indian Raga patterns alike. Stretched over the course of 38 minutes the result of this effort in amalgamation doesn't sound so minimal at all but unveils a rich, saturated and panoramic approach to sound somewhat meandering  in between early Synth masters, retrofuturist Vaporwave and hyperscore'esque Ambient in the opener "Prometheus Journey" whereas the follow up presents a calm and solemn, yet rhythmical flow towards our "Inner Cliff" before the "Space Flow" enters realms of lively (Neo)Cosmic infused synth movements and elegic string arrangements for those loving their sugary kitsch to the max. Following up is "Tangram", stepping slightly into formal medieval Folk territories backed by electronic percussion and low end, "Wanderlust" is as dramatic and excited as the originally German term deserves to be, telling tales of adventure and celebration for highly advanced IDM dancefloors within less than 5 minutes before "Scarabeo" presents more of a jam-like approach towards feedback driven, lo-fi experimentation, friendly computational tones and a certain edge of Phonk. Furthermore "Hermes" introduces a darker, brooding and well twisted tone to the music of Phase Duo, once again providing proof of their score'esque qualities, "Elo's Arp" is following on a dramatic, yet more nervous and somewhat uneasy path before the final cut that is "Ethereal" waves goodbye in a beatless, solemn and inward looking manner, providing moments of late evening reflection and contemplation best experienced in front of an open fire on a winter evening for a reason.


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