Thursday, August 08, 2019

The Quilz - Vol. II [TQ 003]

Released back in 2018 is "Vol. II", the second mini-album / EP by The Quilz which provide a sweet nine track menu straight outta their Milwaukee / USA-based studio with this one. Opening with the highly seductive and spaced out SynthPop vs Psychedelia cut "Are You Still Out Tonight" The Quilz are paving the way for things to come like the subsequent "Organ Blues" which brings forth raw, muscular Dope Beats in combination with a take on well dubbed out retrofuturism whilst "Fade Away" is getting deep in terms of hard stomping ItaloDisco / ElectroClash hittage with a sweet tongue-in-kitsch twist. Furthermore "Blind You" turns out to be a lo-fi, yet large scale SynthRave / Vaporwave banger for those who know, the bands variation of Debbie Harry's "Heart Of Glass" is a nothing short of a fest for all 80s lovers and "Hip Hip Hooray" provides sparkling, cascading, piano-driven drama bordering ballad'esque territories and an undeniable low-end drive for the wee hours on the dancefloor. The follow up that is "Guilded Cage" reveals an unexpected turn towards acoustic guitars and more of a folksy attitude, "Ghost Town" causes havoc on dancefloors worldwide with a massive, and well unique, rework of The Specials' hit of the same name including a few slightly Dubstep-infused bass bursts before "Delete Delete" brings down the house with a muscular take on Electronic Breakbeat Funk and a super thrilling vocal performance that's about to stick in everyone's eardrums for months for a reason. Big tune. 


Blogger RA Feutz said...

Fan of the Quilz and a local MKE (sort of) friend. Fine review and I fully enjoyed your 'unwrapping' of the latest release that you posted recently!

10:18 AM  
Blogger baze.djunkiii said...

thank you - feedback is always appreciated!

8:15 PM  

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