Friday, August 16, 2019

Shura - Forevher [Secretly Canadian]

Put on the circuit via Secretly Canadian on August 16th, 2k19 and already announced on these pages with the video for "Religion (U Can Lay Your Hands On Me)" in mid-July is "Forevher", the sophomore album outing by Shura which, and hence the title spelling which is not an error, is dealing with the highs and lows of the artists long distance, two continents spanning relationship. This said, we see Shura focusing on the uplifting side of love musically, engraining songs like the autotune-ridden soulful swing of songs like "Side Effects" deep into our collective musical memory, paying homage to hours and hours spent on airports with the intimate late night Future Soul cut that is "BKLYNLDN" whilst "Princess Leia" provides a perfect, longing ballad'esque take on multi-harmonic vocal performance and "Skyline, Be Mine" caters expertly crafted Dope- / Downbeats in combination with ethereal harmonies, grungy, 90s referencing Leftfield Pop guitars and a hyperseductive bassline all falling together to create an instant classic and our favorite out of the eleven tracks on this album of which we covered just a few in detail. File under: Timeless Pop music.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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