Friday, September 13, 2019

Propan - Trending [Sofa Music]

Put on the circuit via Norway's Sofa Music label on September 6th, 2k19 is the sophomore album by Norwegian duo Propan, comprised of Natali Abrahamsen Garner and Ina Sangstuen, who are creating their music based on vocals and effects alone. Named "Trending" the longplayer caters a menu of 13 tracks which, in their entirety, is described in the press info as 'post-apocalyptic club album of sorts' , a well-fitting definition when it comes to the hollow, Psychedelia-infused Minimal Techno / MicroHouse experimentalisms of "Berlin Clubbing" which suddenly and unexpectedly turn into a desolate Ambient piece before "Jupiter" fuses cascading, frolicking synths with micro-cut non-vocalisms, "Aiaiai" presents intense, unsettling choir-like layerings, "A Beauty" is an Ambient beauty indeed and "Smack On The Back" brings in hollow, abstract, electroid Phonk for highly advanced late night dancefloors able to handle most yearning, slightly Morricone'esque string arrangements in a vantablack, strobe-lit environment. With "The Warmest Kiss" Propan do make a return to more naturalistic Ambient realms, "Laurie" brings forth the soundtrack for your most frightening, horrific and psychotic nightmares whilst "Always The Same" introduces a playful, positive yet off kilter approach to trippy, drugged out Leftfield Pop and Gospel loops in a well fascinating manner. "Heismusikk" caters less than two minutes of dubbed out, folk'ish Electronica sporting multi-harmonic nonvocalisms, "She Sings Like A Fairy" pairs more pain and longing with rhythmic electronic distortions and a certain art school attitude, "Meditation Tape: The New Beat" presents a unique, psyched out take on dark Rhythm Industrial / Unformatted Techno pulses accompanied by Propan's ethereal vocal usage and the concluding cut that is "Ariel" waves goodbye in terms of pairing a static feedback signal with ethereal choirs reminiscent of vintage opera recordings. Thrillingly interesting.

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