Monday, September 09, 2019

eVADE & Sascha Müller - Rebirth RB-338 Forever Vol. 2 [Sascha Müller Music]

The celebration of the legendary early DAW that is Rebirth and one of its build-in synthesizer modules continues, this time as a split album release put together by Uelsen's finest Sascha Müller and Manfred Reckers a.k.a. eVADE, each responsible for five tracks on this longplayer respectively. Opening with "Band" we see eVADE exploring a friendly, warm and slightly Acid-infused take on groovy IDM / ChillOut with an early 90s twist, "Bees" brings forth a somewhat trancey variation on raw, bubbly Acid whereas "Debronq" can be seen in the tradition of raw, unprocessed Acid tunes coming mostly from Italian soil in the early 90s, "Sepc" weighs in a darker, more psychedelic, yet well elastic approach meandering somewhat between Acid and AcidTrance and "Valve" explores a realm of screaming, ecstatic, high pitched Acid Rave for ultimate peaktime madness. Sascha Müller on the other hand covers the second part of "Rebirth RB-338 Forever Vol. 2" starting with "Dark Elements" which is a hard banging, brutal MonoAcid affair made for total destruction before "Border" takes the braincell grinding effect even further, this time atop a dry, hollow drum foundation and razor sharp hi-hats. Following up is "Wild Thing" which is a wild ride indeed, a mad lo-fi trip into Acid Rave meets raw Broken Techno, presenting a very wildstyle jam flavored attitude, "Cuba Libre" keeps on raving with a distorted, fucked up and spiralling attitude and the concluding "Cuba Connection" even employs a positive, uplifting Trance / Happy Rave vibe surprisingly emerging from a dark'ish filtered beat loop foundation to a fascinating effect.


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