Sunday, September 08, 2019

Strotter Inst. / Peter Vukmirovic Stevens - Bile Noire [Arpa Viva Foundation 001]

Coming in from Switzerland only recently was "Bile Noir", a limited to 300 copies vinyl pressing produced by Christoph Hess a.k.a. Strotter Inst. and pianist Peter Vukmirovic Stevens. Combining Hess' trademark use of prepared turntables with Vukmirovic Stevens' approach to his instrument results in a total of six compositions to be found on this album which can be described best as dark'ish, score'esque and dramatic in its overall approach, bringing forth a captivating amalgamation of layered, partly stumbling experimental loops and scraping, manipulated sounds as a foundation and an expressive, moody take on piano noir which both reminds us of catastrophic winter thunderstorms and intense, early experimental movies shot in grainy black and white putting the entire range of human emotion and expression on vintage display. Interestingly, the unprocessed solo piano and the electronic backing interact and complement each other perfectly instead of providing a harsh disturbing contrast of sorts which makes "Bile Noir" a perfect conceptual addition to the collection for both fans of electronic experimentalisms as well as followers of Contemporary Classical music but will also sit well with collectors of scores and other dramatic music.


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