Friday, September 06, 2019

Mueran Humanos - Hospital Lullabies [Cinema Paradiso Recordings]

Put out on the circuit via Cinema Paradiso Recordings on July 5th, 2k19 is "Hospital Lullabies", the latest album release by the duo that is Mueran Humanos, comprised of the Berlin-based artists Carmen Burguess and Tomas Nochteff which are, incidentally, both of Argentinan-origin. Functioning both as an album in its own right as well as a soundtrack for an experimental film project realized by Burguess the seven tracks featured on this longplay outing, with lyrics mostly sung in Spanish, are meandering through the realms of what is possibly best described as IndustrialPop, oftentimes based on a straight 4/4 bassdrum foundation but usually touching base with DreamPop, Shoegaze, a droney wall of guitars and background atmospheres as well as a dreamlike, hazy, ethereal and overall outerworldly vibe. This vibe is especially prevalent in the hyper hypnotic underground EBM / Wave dancefloor smasher "Les Problemos Del Futuro" whilst tunes like "Alien" aim straight at the heart of ElectroRock-infused Industrial dancefloors with whipping beats and raw BluesRock-informed guitars and "Detras De Una Flor" even combines melancholic synth basslines with over the top ItaloPop kitsch in a highly seductive manner. "Guardian De Piedra" even evokes memories of EBM Techno greats like Empirion due to its distinct, distorted and electronic BrokenTechno beat foundation whilst its lyrics are as cold and full of desolation as they ever could be, "Cuando Una Persona Comun Se Eleva" weighs in Industrial experimentalist structures and ethereal Spoken Word poetry before the final cut "La Gente Gris" finally brings out the romantic side of Mueran Humanos for a closing. Highly diverse and highly recommended.

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