Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sirom - Svet, Ki Spece Konju Cvet = A Universe That Roasts Blossoms For A Horse [Tak:til / Glitterbeat Promo]

Released via Tak:til / Glitterbeat Records is "Svet, Ki Spece Konju Cvet = A Universe That Roasts Blossoms For A Horse", the latest and third, five track spanning album effort by Sirom - described in the albums press info as Slovenian imaginary folk instrumental trio. Comprised of members Ana Kravanja, Samo Kutin and Iztok Koren we see the band serving a five track menu stretched over the course of 44 minutes, opening with the short "A Washed Out  Boy Taking Fossils From A Frog Sack" which features ancient, naturalistic, yet far away choir and singing adventures alongside a rural, yet brooding and unsettling intense atmosphere followed by "Sleight Of Hand With A Melting Key" which indeed seems to refer to echoes of tender, traditional Folk music with a lively, playful as well as hypnotically beautiful twist before taking a turn towards a more percussive approach of multilayered nature, referencing both Arab as well as Asian influences of sorts only to end up with twangy guitar plucking and dance-inducing drums later on. With "A Pulse Expels Its Brothers And Sisters" Sirom are exploring an interesting, syncopated and somewhat mechanical take on mostly percussive, rhythm-driven sound on different time scales met and replaced by longing viola motifs and mystical melodies around mid-track, "Low Probability Of A hug" brings forth a tribalistic, ritual feel in amalgamation with ancient vocalisms and memories of Folk violas and the concluding cut "Same As The One She Hardly Remembered" finally indulges in a relaxed, solemn late afternoon rural wilderness feel of sorts. File under: World (Not World) Music.


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