Friday, October 04, 2019

Ayler's Mood - Combat Joy [Aut Records 051]

Set for release via Berlin's Aut Records label on November 8th, 2k19 is "Combat Joy", a live recorded concert album performed by the trio that is Albert's Mood at the Jazzincantina in Rome. With this album we see Pasqualle Innarella, Danilo Gallo and Ermanno Baron focusing on what they see as the very essence of Jazz musically, a vision inspired by no-one less than the genre great that is Albert Ayler. Opening on a classy, smokey and vintage laid back Jazz tip the trio is soon carried away by what they describe as a pure organic flow, keeping up with a classy vibe but giving way to more and more layers of improvisation only to be falling back into a stripped down, intimate approach perfectly suitable for contemplating over a classic cocktail or two whilst dancing to thundering re-interpretations of oldtime rhythms becomes a thing only minutes later before these are, once again, stripped down, deconstructed and turned into the next, exciting variation of what Jazz can be - both from a modernistic, contemporary standpoint as well as from a Jazz standard perspective. What an arc this album provides.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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