Sunday, October 06, 2019

Various Artists - Interactions: A Guide To Swiss Underground Experimental Music [Buh Records Promo]

What a combination it is when an experimental electronic music imprint based in Lima / Peru goes on a journey to explore the experimental underground scence of a small European country like Switzerland. A thing one wouldn't even imagine to happen in one's wildest dreams but this exactly what went down with "Interactions: A Guide To Swiss Underground Experimental Music" which was released via Buh Records on September 13th, 2k19, presenting a whole of 27 tracks - and a massive range in terms of variety of what experimentalism in electronic music can be. From the intense, alerting, electroacoustic sci-fi droning mixed with Field Recordings of flowing water that's to be found in Rudolf's "Tod Am Bach" to the lush Ambient score of Martina Lussi's "Pool" via esoteric, yet brooding naturalisms in Therminal C's "Sputnik Crash" as well as extreme guitar manipulation performed by Flo Stoffner in "Carmensac (For Anna)" and beyond the story goes on the first part of this double album. The second CD provides Jazz-infused turntablism and historical voice audio in Joke Lanz' "Dutschke", twisted SpaceFunk in Tout Bleu's ethereal leftfield Leftfield Pop outing named "Souviens-toi" whilst Dave Phillips' philosophical title musings in "Categorical Thinking Doesn't Do Justice To The Complexity Of Life" bring forth intense sonic eruptions, cut-up madness and a threatening kind of Industrial brutalism of sorts and Francisco Meirino's "Hear After: Introduction To Matters Of Auditory Paranoia" waves goodbye in a truly harsh and devastating fashion just to pick a few out of many great cuts on this unprecedented, highly recommended collection and documentation of Switzerlands's underground music scene.


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