Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Kablehead / Letters [split tape]

The third in a series of incoming, slightly mysterious split releases on cassette tapes of unknown origin contains music by Kablehead and Letters with each of the artists / producers seemingly covering one side of the release. First we see Kablehead's "Cavonism" bringing forth a stripped down and slightly electroid take on MinimalTechno with a bit of a live-jam twist whereas Letters' "Nice Habit" on the flipside introduces more of a dry take on Broken Techno meets Electronica and Phonk, slightly reminiscent of early releases on labels like Skam or Marco Passarani's efforts in terms of balancing Electro and Electronica for highly advanced dancefloors before drifting off into more technoid, yet still super dry, musical realms and beyond in what seem to be short, live recorded jam bits. Defo an interesting format choice for a club music focused release, this.

Tape artwork on Instagram!


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