Wednesday, October 02, 2019

1naud1bl3 - Weltformel [Farmersmanual Generate And Test 013]

Released recently via the Farmersmanual Generate And Test-imprint is the "Weltformel" created by 1naud1bl3, a world- and universe-explaining formula which surely is coming from a dark and twisted place. Build on a somehow collage'esque frame of mind we're exposed to a set of thirteen sketch-like tracks / pieces /compositions which mostly incorporate some Field Recording bits or samples of sorts which are embedded in everything from distorted Punk meets Electronic crossover tunes, quirky, highly exaggerated Songwriter UltraPop, echoes of Industrial and PostPunk, lo-fi German ArtSchool Easy Listening sounds and way beyond in terms of even touching base with dark'ish, psychedelic Metal riffing at some point, all mixed and mingled to create an obviously puzzling, confusing and irritating effect. This is more like a collection of raw, obscure, unmastered - and unstructured - home studio demos than a fully fledged album. And a truly challenging one for sure.


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